Business Strategy


    In order to become the world’s most loved jewellery brand, we have four strategic pillars to ensure that we create an emotional bond with consumers.

    Branded retail excellence

    We offer our consumers a unique PANDORA shopping experience through excellent retail execution. In some cases, stores are run by franchisees; in other cases cases, we own and operate stores ourselves. We are increasing the number of PANDORA owned and operated concept stores, however, the choice of whether to own and operate stores or work with franchisees depends on a number of factors, including location and market needs. At the same time, our consumers expect to be able to shop online.

    Full jewellery product offering

    We offer a full assortment of jewellery. Charms and bracelets are still our strongest products and we will continue to protect and grow this category. At the same time, we are developing other jewellery product categories, one at a time. Since 2013, we have worked on building a strong Rings category. In 2016, we increased our focus on the Earrings category and will continue to do so in the years to come. Whatever the category, we will continue to offer affordable luxury, as this is key to our ongoing success. We also work to further activate our existing assortment in order to balance sales of existing and new products, and leverage our full product portfolio.

    One brand - targeted segments

    We maintain one brand across the globe that is instantly recognisable and known to offer a full range of jewellery products. To achieve this, the PANDORA brand experience must be consistent, regardless of where consumers meet us. However, we also employ a segmented approach that addresses consumers in a targeted way. We have identified key consumer segments in each market, which enable us to adjust our channels, products and messaging to target the most relevant segments in each market, while ensuring our brand remains consistent across the globe.

    Balanced global business

    We ensure balance in our geographical footprint by sustaining strong performance in developed markets while also increasing our revenue share in new and emerging markets. This ensures that we are less dependent on individual markets and can capture market potential across the globe. Growth will not come from new and emerging markets alone. There is still potential for growth in all our markets, and we focus on penetrating further into our developed markets while also grasping new opportunities in new and emerging markets.