Compensation and benefits

Our HR and Reward Management strategies in Thailand seek to attract, motivate, develop and retain a skilled and engaged workforce capable of conducting their complex tasks with the dedication required within the crafting of quality jewellery.

We reward quality and accuracy rather than pieces produced. We offer our Thai employees attractive employment terms with wages that are competitive by industry norms. All Thai staff is hired on open ended contracts that include a Provident Fund with matching contributions from the company and medical benefits that meet or exceed legal requirements. Not least, we provide a range of welfare benefits that target additional needs of our employees. Obvious examples of our welfare benefits are special breaks and maternity classes for pregnant employees, paternity leave, cheap healthy meals, free bus transportation for more than 9,700 colleagues (by end 2016), and traffic safety initiatives such as facilitating the provision of affordable, high quality traffic helmets. Since 2012 we have operated an Edutainment Centre, where our people has access to state-of-the-art IT equipment in comfortable and attractive surroundings. In 2016, the Edutainment Centre had more than 18,000 visits and more than 5,000 books – fiction as well as professional literature - were borrowed throughout the year.

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Edutainment center library

Edutainment centre library