Employment and promotions at PANDORA must always be based on merit. We are deeply committed to working against any form of discrimination and remain especially committed to ensuring gender diversity in our management positions. To this end, we have set a number of management diversity objectives, and progress is reviewed once a year by our Executive Management and Board of Directors.

•  By 2020, the percentage of women in senior management positions (members of the Management Board, general managers and vice presidents) should  be at least 40%. At the end of 2016, 37% of senior management were women, compared to 33% in 2015, 34% in 2014 and 24% in 2013.

•  The gender composition of the Group’s leadership programmes should mirror the gender composition of staff in vice president and director positions. Since we started our leadership programmes in 2012, the gender split has on aggregate been close to 50/50. In 2016, women accounted for 56% of this management group, and made up 60% of the enrolment in our leadership programmes.

•  By 2018, at least 35% of Board members elected at the Annual General Meeting must be women. At the end of 2016, women made up 30% of a Board members (3 out of 10), compared to 22% in 2016 (2 out of 9). As such, we are well above the average 16% for Danish listed companies, but still below the 35% target. The Board will continue to consider gender composition when appointing new members.

Find more information about PANDORA leadership programme here.

Please find more statistics on our group-wide gender, management and age composition in the PANDORA Ethics reports.

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