Energy in stores

PANDORA jewellery is presently sold at more than 7,700 points of sales around the world. 2,300 of these are concept stores, of which more than 711 are owned and operated by PANDORA.

Our new store concept, Evolution, was introduced in the first stores in 2014 and includes a range of environmentally friendly features. The concept is designed to have long durability, and it is possible to replace smaller parts over time – extending the lifetime of our fixtures and furniture. With the introduction of Evolution, energy consumption has been considerably reduced by relying on LED lights rather than conventional light bulbs.

According to our in-house estimates, this change enables us to cut the electricity consumption in an average PANDORA store by up to 50% compared with the former store concept. More efficient lights in turn creates less heat – reducing the need for air conditioning. From 2016, the electrical consumption will be further lowered with the introduction of even more efficient LED solutions.

In 2016, approximately 50% of all concept stores had switched to Evolution.

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