Production waste

At PANDORA Production Thailand, waste is seen as a resource. In 2016, 86% of the waste produced by our crafting facilities was reused or recycled, an increase of 3% compared with the already high percentage in 2015.


The crafting of our jewellery generates four main types of process waste: gypsum, glass, rubber and wax. Gypsum waste is recycled in the construction sector, glass waste is recycled into glass tiles, rubber waste is used as fuel by the cement industry and, finally, wax waste is used in the casting process by a figurine manufacturer. Some categories are sold and others we pay to have recycled, as in the case of gypsum where PANDORA pays for the transportation to the vendor.


In 2015, these four main types of waste reached an impressive result: 100% reuse or recycling, making the total reuse or recycling of our crafting waste 83%. In 2016, we were able to continue the trend with 100% recycling of our main types of waste and a total recycling of 86%.


It is a great pleasure to see our waste being transformed into something useful. The benefits are twofold as we optimise the world’s resources while reducing our own waste.

Gypsum waste

Gypsum waste for recycling