Board of Directors

  • Peder Tubough Download high  / low

    Peder Tuborgh


  • Christian Frigast Download high  / low

    Christian Frigast

    1st Deputy Chairman

  • Allan Leighton Download high  / low

    Allan Leighton

    2nd Deputy Chairman

  • Andreas Dawn Alvey Download high  / low

    Andrea Alvey

    Board member

  • Ronica Wang Download high  / low

    Ronica Wang

    Board member

  • Bjørn Gulden Download high  / low

    Bjørn Gulden

    Board member

  • Anders Boyer-Søgaard Download high  / low

    Anders Boyer-Søgaard

    Board member

  • Birgitta Stymne Goransson Download high  / low

    Birgitta Stymne Göransson

    Board member

  • Michael Hauge Sørensen Download high  / low

    Michael Hauge Sørensen

    Board member

  • Per Bank Download high  / low

    Per Bank

    Board member

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