Our gemstone assortment consists of natural gemstones – gemstones formed in nature without human intervention. Famed for their beauty, rarity and durability, their popularity in jewellery is legend.
Formed under great heat and pressure, gemstones are created by nature, then with great skill and craftsmanship polished and crafted to their best appearance, and set in jewellery to enhance and cherish their beauty.

The types of gemstones

Gemstones can be divided into different varieties based on colour, transparency or phenomenon (optical effect). Ruby and sapphire are both varieties of Corundum, but different trace elements result in different colour varieties. Quartz is the gemstone species found in the largest number of varieties and is used in many Pandora jewellery products.

Examples of commonly used gemstones in Pandora jewellery are Ametyst, Rock Crystal, and Smokey Quartz.

The majority of gemstones are minerals e.g. natural, inorganic materials  with a specific chemical composition. A small portion of gemstones are not minerals but rocks e.g. lapis lazuli and pink rock.

Other gems are organic e.g. they have been produced by living organisms such as animals and plants such as pearls, mother of pearl and amber. Strictly speaking gem material produces by living organisms are not “stones” and should be referred to as “gems”. Gemstones are divided into smaller subcategories based on species and groups.

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