Other materials

Although definitions of jewellery normally point to stones and precious metals, other materials can be used in intelligent and beautiful ways.


Enamel is a coloured coating which is fused to the surface of articles made of metal, glass etc. for ornament or protection. The English word ‘enamel’ is derived from the Old High German word ‘smelzen’ which translates into English as ’to fuse’ or ‘to smelt’.

Enamelling is one of the oldest ornamental techniques and early examples of enamelled pieces have been found which date back to the 13th Century BC.


Pandora glass charms are made from glass imported from Murano. The charms are available in numerous different colourful designs. Murano glass has been a famous product of the Venetian island of Murano in Italy for centuries. The glass rods are of a high quality and the colours have depth and beauty.

Pandora faceted Murano charms are hand-polished. Similar to the way a gemstone is faceted, the glass charms are faceted by pushing a large glass base against a polishing wheel polishing each individual facet one by one. The faceted Murano glass charms have a total of 70 handpolished facets. Unlike other glass charms, the faceted dangle drop earrings and charms are made without heating the glass. Thick glass rods are divided into smaller pieces and then faceted. Each piece has a total of 196 factes (14 rows with 14 facets in each).

Unique characteristics

As a characteristic of the production method, each Pandora Murano glass charm is unique and can contain small variations in the design, the colouring and the size. These variations are in no way to be considered a fault of the product and are simply evidence of the high degree of handcrafting involved in making the glass part of the product.


Pandora leather bracelets and leather strings are made from 100% high-quality leather. Due to the natural properties of leather, it can expand or contract according to the climate, moisture, heat and/or how it is stored.

The hides themselves will also affect the thickness of the string/bracelet. Hides can, and do vary, in thickness, even those from the same animal.

It is recommended that the leather bracelets are worn with a maximum amount of 7-9 charms regardless of bracelet length.


We use textile for our strings that can be used as bracelets or necklaces. Pandora cotton strings are made from 100% cotton with wax coating and sterling silver endings.

Our fabric strings come in multiple colours. They can be worn as bracelets or as necklaces and with or without charms. The fabric strings are made from 100% polyester with sterling silver endings.

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Other Materials