Suppliers' code of conduct

Operating an integrated value chain allows Pandora to directly control the vast majority of our jewellery output.
Our crafting facilities are certified according to a range of standards including the Code of Practices issued by the Responsible Jewellery Council – recognised as the most advanced sustainability standard within then industry. The remaining of our jewellery is provided by highly specialised partners with whom we have longstanding relations as well as traditions for dialogue, training and control through external auditors.

Improving an industry through active engagement
On top of being committed to maintain responsible business practices within our own supply chain we participate in a range of initiatives that aim to raise the bar for the entire jewellery industry.
Our overall commitment to advance the ethical performance of our supply chain as well as the entire industry is stated in our Pandora Responsible Supplier Policy.

Pandora Responsible Supplier Policy

Pandora's Suppliers' Code of Conduct clearly expresses our expectation to the ethical performance of our suppliers within the realms of business ethics, human rights, working conditions and the environment. Pandora's Suppliers' Code of Conduct is embedded in our legal contracts with our suppliers.

Pandora's Suppliers' Code of Conduct