Employment and promotions at Pandora must always be based on merit.
We are deeply committed to working against any form of discrimination and remain especially committed to ensuring gender diversity in our organisation. That also goes for management positions. To this end, we have set a number of management diversity objectives, and progress is reviewed once a year by our Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors.

Overall, Pandora records an acceptable level of proportion between the genders with a distribution within the 40/60 spectrum and also acknowledging that within some areas this will have to be reached over time.

Our ambitions on the area
As we believe that Pandora benefits from a diverse management team, we set gender diversity targets for the Board as well for upper management. The percentage of the underrepresented gender should thus be at least 40% and this objective remains an area of particular focus.

On store level however, the nature of Pandora’s products and primary target group attracts a very high proportion of female applicants (+90%). Being mindful of this fact, an equal distribution on the gender parameter is not considered realistic, albeit desirable nonetheless. Pandora do encourage and welcome male store staff applicants, provided they have the required qualifications.

Please find more statistics on our group-wide gender, management and age composition in the Pandora Sustainability reports.

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Pandora UK gender pay gap reporting

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