Data Analyst

Created: 11-10-2019

Deadline: 31-10-2019

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Data Analyst role in Pandora Americas will be an evolving role over the next few years. In the short term it will entail mostly diagnosing and tracing issues from our source systems through to the reporting layers and taking ownership of seeing those issues resolved. In the event the issues are due to lack of knowledge within the organization, the Analyst will work to bring that knowledge level up by not only training the individual but documenting and creating and implementing broad-based training programs.In time, the role will become more analytical. The Analyst will not only be responsible for analyzing data sets, but creating the data sets themselves and underlying data models in tools like PowerPivot and PowerBI.

Essential Functions: 
• Diagnosing and triaging issues identified by the end-user community
• Taking ownership of the issues and ensuring they are resolved to the users’ satisfaction
• Documenting resolutions and training the end-user community
• Juggling priorities and adjusting workload as new work and priorities come in 
• “Rolling with the punches” as curve balls come your way
• Handing the daily challenges and changes with diplomacy and a sense of humor
• A solid technical ability

Educational Background: BA/BS 

Experience: 3-5 yrs.    

Personal Competencies:
• A strong sense of ownership and accountability
• Keen troubleshooting skills
• An even-keeled demeanor
• Good sense of humor
• Picks up new concepts quickly
• Turns priorities and focus on a dime, yet follows through to completion
• Straightforward yet tactful and diplomatic
• Ability to read social queues, cultural norms and body language and respond accordingly

Technical  Requirements:
• Ability to understand and trace data from source system to reporting layer(s)
• Ability to read code (ie. SQL)
• Understands data segmentation, hierarchies and modeling 
• Understanding of data warehousing, measures and dimensions
• Must be an Expert user of Excel, including demonstrate the ability to write Macros, create pivot tables from scratch and write advanced formulas
• Must be an Advanced user of PowerBI
• Must be able to demonstrate the ability to analyze a data set, draw conclusions about the data and make recommendations about the data
• Must be a user of PowerPoint and demonstrate the ability to create a presentation based on data analyzed
• Must demonstrate the ability to troubleshoot issues with data, articulate the root cause and recommendations for fixing the issues

Language Skills: Ability to speak Spanish, Portuguese and French are a plus

Additional Experience: 
• Experience in the retail industry a major plus
• Familiarity with financial and sales data and terminology a plus
• Familiarity with digital marketing data and solutions a plus

Travel Required: Travel to Copenhagen, Denmark one or two times a year

If you are interested in this role, please send your resume to