Business Strategy


    Our strategic pillars form the basis of our work and keep us moving in the right direction by putting the consumer at the centre of everything we do. 

    Innovate affordable jewellery

    We are expanding our jewellery offering to cater for the diversity among our multifaceted consumers. Charms & Bracelets remain our core product category, but we continue to build up Necklaces & Pendants and Rings and Earrings to ensure that we have a balanced portfolio. To inspire our consumers, we bring a continual flow of product newness by creating new concepts and design features, and launching new, culturally relevant products for different seasons and occasions. We are also increasing the frequency with which we go to market with new products.    

    Agile manufacturing

    We have built two of the largest jewellery crafting facilities in the world. In these, we are expanding our manufacturing capabilities to deliver on our product and design vision. This enables us to be more efficient in production and more agile in our product development and launch new jewellery faster - in as little as 4 months. In that way we can respond even more quickly to new trends and opportunities for our consumers. 

    Digitilised brand experience

    We are focusing our efforts on providing a consumer journey that is personal, inspiring and seamless across our different consumer touch points. We seek to inspire existing consumers and attract new ones with a timely view on trend and style in a PANDORA context, and communicate this view through influencers on social media, as well as through PR, events and sponsorships. 

    Our consumers should be able to navigate across channels and across online and offline touch points with the same personal experience. We strive to use data to recognise consumers both online and offline and to remember their purchase history and rationales, so that we can tailor relevant and inspiring product recommendations and content. We use traditional print and TV media, but are moving further into digital one-to-one marketing to tailor the content to the individual customer.  

    Winning in omni-channel retail

    We continue to pursue growth in our existing markets, while balancing our business even further as we grow in newer markets. The PANDORA concept store continues to be our preferred channel, providing an inspiring and personal in-store experience. We are expanding the number of PANDORA owned concept stores (O&O), which enables us to better secure the consumer journey and experience, both in store and across channels, implement commercial decisions faster and plan across the full value chain.

     We are improving our online performance to be more relevant to digital savvy consumers. In addition, we are working to integrate our physical and online channels further to deliver an integrated omni-channel experience, making it significantly more convenient for our consumers to shop across our physical and online stores.