Our Triple A Facility

The Triple A facility brings several innovations to the crafting of jewellery. It incorporates flow lines where artificial intelligence vehicles transport product parts between work stations manned by up to 5,000 craftspeople. Craftspeople with different skills are seated together to secure a smooth process flow and improve productivity and quality. 


The new crafting facility has achieved LEED Gold certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and meets the highest sustainability standards. Wastewater is recycled to save up to 60 percent on water consumption. Energy-saving exhaust systems are implemented. A rooftop garden reduces overall energy consumption and allows employees to relax outdoors. 


Triple A is an expansion built next to PANDORA’s existing crafting facility in Gemopolis on the outskirts of Bangkok. The Gemopolis facility first opened in 2005 and today employs close to 10,000 people.

After working hours Thailand

Read more about our focus on building for a greener future in our PANDORA Ethics Report 2017.