Store opening process

Once you have been approved as a PANDORA franchisee, we will help you build your store. First step is to find the right location for your store. Our stores are situated in highly frequented locations on high streets and in shopping malls. We prefer to be in the vicinity of well-known local or international brands within the affordable segment and with high customer footfall.

We have a long list of places we want to be, but you are more than welcome to submit your suggestion and we can examine if it fits our distribution plan. The store itself should have a sales area of at least 40 sqm and normally up to 75 sqm and have office and storage room as well. The store should have a wide facade with space for an entrance, signage and at least one window display. We prefer to work with rectangular shaped sales areas, and single level stores are recommended. Ceiling height should be at least of 2,250 mm.

store example2

When we have found the right location, we will enter the design phase, where we take responsibility for designing the store in cooperation with you. We have a great team in place to assist you in finding the optimal solution.

Then we decorate the store with inspiring fittings and exciting products. When designing your store, our designers will create a PANDORA store profile for you to ensure a professional expression. The store layout and furniture selection will reflect our analyses as well as best practices to help you create the best possible traffic flow, optimal usage of the sales floor and a great customer experience. We have designed a modular system, which can be customised to fit different store layouts.