Retail formats

We operate with branded and non-branded retail formats. The branded retail formats consist of concept stores, shop-in-shops and gold dealers.

Concept store
A concept store is a full-blown PANDORA store, which carries a complete assortment of PANDORA products, has a branded PANDORA store front and is furnished only with PANDORA fittings and displays.

A shop-in-shop is a clearly defined space in a store or department store dedicated to PANDORA. The shop-in-shop has PANDORA fittings and displays and carries a wide assortment of PANDORA products. The shop-in-shop will typically look very much like a concept store on the inside (except smaller), generally without the PANDORA branded store front.

Gold dealer
Gold dealers are multi-brand retailers with a strong PANDORA profile. Gold dealers receive some but not all of the same benefits as concept stores and shop-in-shops.

Silver and White dealer
The non-branded retail formats consist of silver and white dealers. Silver dealers are multibrand retailers carrying a medium assortment. Silver dealers usually have PANDORA branded fittings in the store, but to a lesser extent than gold dealers. White dealers are multi-brand retailers carrying a limited assortment.

PANDORA always owns the rights to the brand and store concept.