PANDORA’s store concept aims to ensure that the PANDORA brand is effectively and uniformly exposed to consumers across all global markets. When designing the store, our store designers will therefore create a PANDORA store layout for you to ensure a professional expression and optimised planning.

An easily recognisable facade creates visibility and contributes to increasing awareness of the PANDORA brand. PANDORA has a defined open and inviting facade concept that ensures recognition across the stores, and a window concept to attract customers and inspire them with beautiful products and inspirational window decorations.

We focus on making our stores easy to navigate in with open browsing for the customer and functional layouts. We are making our products accessible to the customers by using beautiful displays developed to enhance the jewellery and inspire the customers. Also, attractive elements such as music, images and PANDORA movies are part of making the customer feel welcome and giving them a great experience in a PANDORA store for them to come back.

All furniture in a PANDORA store has been customised and produced for PANDORA by experienced production partners ensuring well tested and continuously improved high-quality furniture to ensure resistance in daily use and wear and tear for many years.

All stores are built according to the same building specifications to maintain quality and consistency in PANDORA stores globally, but adapted to local legal and customary conditions.