Support areas

When you become a franchisee, you immediately get access to our support functions. PANDORA has created an organisation with diverse competencies, which enables us to provide first-class support to our franchisees.

You will receive all the information you need to operate a PANDORA store. Our manuals and training modules cover the whole concept: store operation, introduction and training tools for store staff, financial information, merchandising and more.

Our ambition is to provide our franchisees with high quality support to enable you to focus on the customer experience and delivering outstanding customer service.

PANDORA offers the following support areas:


Icon-Operational_support Operational support

We have a competent team of experienced Retail Operation Managers, who will visit your store to give you ideas for how to improve your retail operation.

The Retail Operation Manager is your sparring partner. He/she will visit your store, challenge you and help you set achievable goals. When you are faced with budget deviations or staff issues, he/she is your go-to person, ready to assist you with creating staff plans and budgets, in short, helping you to ensure a smooth operation.

We also have a Retail Management Guide, providing a detailed guide to running a PANDORA concept store. The guide contains sales and service guidelines, staff management, finance and performance management, inventory, marketing and merchandising, standards and routines.

Icon-Visual_Merch Visual merchandising

In the store opening process, our Visual Merchandisers will help you set up the store, so the products look as appealing as possible. Our Visual Merchandisers will visit your store on a regular basis to help you present the products and the store in the best way possible in order to boost sales.

Our Visual Merchandising team also develops extensive visual guidelines to support each product campaign (e.g. Valentines, Charity etc.) and other in-store activities. 

Icon-Training Training

The PANDORA training concept offers a wide range of training tools and modules designed to ensure an effective approach in our stores around the world. This way, all PANDORA representatives are always well equipped to help our customers and provide the best possible service while increasing the conversion rate; we call it the PANDORA way of selling.

Training is done as regional sessions for store managers as well as in-store training. We have also invested in an extensive e-learning system containing all our training materials.

We want to deliver outstanding customer service provided by people who share a passion for PANDORA, loyalty and belief in PANDORA's brand values.

Icon-POS POS materials and uniforms

We develop window displays, props, in-store materials (e.g. shelf talkers, logos, busts, pillows, and presentation trays) and packaging (e.g. branded bags, boxes and cloths) to ensure that our customers get a holistic experience when shopping in our stores.

We have also developed a selection of "gift with purchase" (GWP) products, which can be offered to customers within certain circumstances in the store: The materials range from pens and umbrellas to large jewellery boxes.

Finally, we have a full uniform assortment, which includes jackets, shirts, cardigans, skirts,  dresses, scarves and gloves etc. for women, and suits, shirts, pullovers and ties for men.

Icon-Marketing-Materials Marketing materials

Marketing at PANDORA is all about creating awareness, building brand equity, influencing sales and obtaining loyalty by defining and understanding our target consumer and their consumption habits and motivation. Based on this knowledge we develop marketing vehicles and communication channels encompassing all consumer touch points via:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Digital communication
  • Social media
  • CRM
  • Brand analysis
  • In-store material
  • PR campaigns

The above is tailor-made to cater to customer needs and thus benefiting your sales. In short, at PANDORA we go to great lengths in our marketing support to our franchisees.

Icon-Club PANDORA Club

The PANDORA Club is an online VIP area for our most dedicated customers. The PANDORA Club helps you as store owner to retain your customers by offering them a PANDORA Club membership. Through a free Club membership, customers get:

  • Exclusive access to PANDORA Magazine with inspiration, tips & trends
  • The possibility to share their PANDORA wish list and keep track of their jewellery
  • Sneak peeks
  • Information from PANDORA on a regular basis
  • Much more to come …

The PANDORA Club has millions of members and the number is growing rapidly.

Icon-Mystery_shopping Mystery shopping

To improve customer service in our stores, we offer mystery shopping to evaluate the service provided in the stores. Mystery shoppers visit all PANDORA concept stores and shop-in-shops twice a year.

This is not done to control how our franchisees run their stores: On the contrary, we do this to motivate staff to give outstanding service and to continuously improve their skills and define areas of improvement in each store.

Icon-Knowledge_Sharing Knowledge sharing

To provide our franchisees with up-to-date information about PANDORA, product developments, trends and retailing, we arrange meetings and conferences, where you can meet your colleagues.

Here, we also often celebrate the best performing store managers and share best practices.