Business Ethics

PANDORA’s Business Integrity Policy provides our staff, including management board, with common directions on what is considered acceptable business practices throughout the Group. Topics include zero tolerance towards fraud, bribery and facilitation payments, rules for fair competition, gifts and entertainment, conflicts of interest, cash payments and measures to prevent PANDORA becoming the target of people engaged in money laundering and other illegal activities.

PANDORA acknowledges that in certain situations it is legal, customary and even expected that we provide or accept appropriate gifts and entertainment. However, PANDORA is committed to never offer, give, accept or solicit gifts, entertainment or any other advantages that can question our independence or intensions. To honor this commitment, all local managements must define local triviality limits, while taking into account local gifting culture and purchasing power. Local triviality limits must be approved by Global Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), who also monitors market compliance and ensures regular policy revisions. In addition to local triviality limits, all gifts above a set global limit must be reported to Global GRC to obtain CEO/CFO approval.

Just like it is the case for the other PANDORA Ethics policies, hotlines are provided to help interpret the policies and staff, including management board, is encouraged to speak out if they perceive that rules are being bended or breached. Finally clear grievance procedures, including a speak up function, are available to all staff. In 2015 we further strenghtened the speak up function by making it even more accessible via a dedicated website and confidential toll free phone numbers in local languages. The function is operated by an external vendor to secure full anonymity if desired by the reporter.
Business Ethics training

The main contact between PANDORA and our consumers is established and nurtured by over 30,500 people, who are passionate about selling our jewellery in more than 100 countries around the world. Sales associates have to take on an enormous amount of information covering the entire PANDORA universe. We are dedicated to helping sales colleagues develop their skills and knowledge, both in our own stores and in over 7,100 points of sale operated by our partners.

Our extensive training programmes span face-to-face training, coaching and e-learning. The scope is broad and entails training in PANDORA’s values, ethics, identity and history, jewellery and materials expertise, crafting processes, and professional sales skills and techniques. Face-to-face training is supported by our comprehensive e-learning programme, which is available in 23 languages. In 2017, the number of online training sessions completed amounted to more than 170,000.

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