At PANDORA, product is king. Our bracelets, charms, rings, earrings and necklaces form the backbone of PANDORA’s business and in the cause of 2018 our crafting facilities in Thailand shipped more than 112 million pieces of jewellery. Each piece is made from quality materials such as silver, gold, leather, stones, pearls, gemstones and diamonds. In order to present our products in the right way to our consumers in the stores we purchase large volumes of furniture, brochures, in-store decoration, jewellery bags and gift boxes.


We work diligently to ensure the quality and the integrity of the materials used in our products as well as in our stores. To that end, we have developed our Responsible Supplier Policy that guides our sourcing and procurement departments when dealing with our suppliers. Further, our ethical standards are clearly outlined in PANDORA's Suppliers' Code of Conduct and policed through our Responsible Supplier Programme.