Who we are

Our people are living proof that hard work and commitment can turn even the most ambitious goals into reality. There’s no such thing as a gift-wrapped future, but we know from experience that a whole-hearted team effort makes just about anything possible.

Combined, we speak over two dozen languages. We come from Denmark, USA, Italy, Thailand, Brazil, China – and just about every other corner of the world. And we are based in various locations throughout six continents. 

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We are passionate people with a positive, can-do attitude. People who like to build relationships and who understand the power of “we.” People who love stories. People who smile, and who always remember to take care of one another, no matter how busy we may be.

Our performance results in more than one piece of jewellery being sold every second of every day. 

Our passion empowers us to open stores around the world every week, and to make our colleagues and customers smile. 

And our pride of talented individuals works hard to make our jewellery accessible to everyone while ensuring that every single piece carries unique sentiment and expression. 

After all, it’s us – the PANDORA people – who shape the soul of the company and make PANDORA’s heart beat.



Hear what Joanna, Chiara, Lars, Sunkaya, Lawrence and other PANDORA team members say about working here.



In 2012, we launched PANDORA Ethics, a global Corporate Social Responsibility programme that expresses our commitment to each other and everyone around us, ensuring the higest standards in protecting the environment, running our business ethically, prioritising our health and safety and protecting human rights. 

Learn more about PANDORA Ethics