Pandora for UNICEF

Pandora has partnered with UNICEF to support young voices

Pandora and UNICEF have launched a three-year collaboration to support the most vulnerable children, especially girls, around the world to lead healthier and safer lives and fulfil their potential. Through the sale of jewellery and other initiatives, Pandora will raise funds to empower children and young people around the world by supporting UNICEF programmes on education, gender equality, rights awareness, personal empowerment and civic engagement. Part of the annual donation to UNICEF further support’s their overall work to improve the life of millions of children worldwide.


Pandora for Unicef


Supporting young voices

A large part of the funding from Pandora will go towards improving access to quality learning opportunities for adolescent girls through programmes that support skills development, social innovation and entrepreneurship such as UNICEF’s UPSHIFT and similar approaches. These programmes are designed to strengthen adolescent empowerment and participation. Together Pandora and UNICEF support young voices. 

#Reimagine - to prevent the pandemic from becoming a lasting crisis for children

An additional 6,000 children could die every day from preventable causes over the next six months as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to weaken health systems and disrupt routine services, according to UNICEF. Therefore, as part of the strategic collaboration with UNICEF, Pandora has pledged a significant donation to the new #Reimagine campaign, that seeks to stop the disease spreading further, address the damage already inflicted, mitigate the knock-on effects on children and lay the groundwork for building back a better world. Read more on the collaboration here.

Limited edition jewellery in support of UNICEF

Twice a year Pandora will offer limited-edition jewellery pieces to support UNICEF. With each purchase of our dedicated charms, funds are raised and donated to UNICEF in support of young people pursuing and finding their passions. Join this journey by purchasing the limited-edition pieces launching March 2020 to shed light on International Women’s Day.



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