Greener jewellery crafting

We constantly strive to minimise the environmental impact from our activities.

Thanks to our LEED certified crafting facilities, our consumption of energy and especially water is considered very efficient and well below the average in the luxury, apparel and accessories sectors. They meet some of the highest sustainability standards in the industry.

At our Lamphun facility which has now been running for a couple of years, we recycled 60% of water in 2018. We will continuously transfer experience and knowledge from Lamphun to our facilities in Bangkok, to drive further improvements of our total water usage. 

The crafting of our jewellery generates four main types of process waste: gypsum, glass, rubber and wax. Gypsum waste is recycled in the construction sector, glass waste is recycled into various glass products, rubber waste is made into plastic products or used as fuel by the cement industry, and wax waste is used to make candles or as a moulding material for other manufacturers. We sell some types of waste and we pay to have other types recycled. In 2018 we managed to recycle or reuse 100% of wax, rubber and glass and 99% of gypsum.