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During the past decade, Pandora has developed to become the world’s biggest jewellery brands. Partly due to our responsible business practices. We want it to stay that way.

We take great pride in what we have achieved to become today and acknowledge that with this position follows an expectation from our stakeholders that Pandora will ensure high ethical standards in all our dealings. Our Group CSR policy helps us navigate in our endeavor to reach our ethical aspirations.

Ethical aspirations

“Pandora is committed to advancing responsible business practices from the sourcing of gemstones, high-quality metals and other materials to the crafting and marketing of our jewellery.

We believe that corporate social responsibility and our aspiration to offer high-quality and contemporary jewellery go hand in hand. Responsible business practices and social awareness have always been part of Pandora’s DNA and they are virtues which we strive to honour in our daily operations as well as through initiatives that aim at raising the bar for the jewellery industry.
Furthermore, we believe that our business shall benefit our stakeholders and not least our customers. Therefore, Pandora has a social commitment to supporting charitable purposes that inspire individuality and improve the lives of women around the world."