Human rights

Mining and processing of jewellery materials are often debated within the industry, by civil society, by media and by authorities. At Pandora we fully recognise that while mining and processing are valuable sources of income for millions of people around the world, they can be associated with severe adverse social and environmental impact.
We regularly assess potential human and labour rights risks in our value chain. These assessments – carried out internally or in cooperation with external experts and peers – tend to reach the same conclusion: Pandora’s main human and labour rights risks (as well as environmental risks) are to be found upstream our supply chain. 

By sourcing our core jewellery materials from certified responsible suppliers, we seek to lower the risks of becoming complicit in human rights infringements. Pandora is moreover operating with a vertically integrated value chain, directly handling the vast majority of our jewellery crafting operations at our own facilities in Bangkok and Lamphun, Thailand. Further, Pandora’s Responsible Supplier Programme (read more under Product) is also designed to prevent us from becoming complicit in such infringements. 

Pandora' Human Rights Policy underscores our commitment to respect all human rights and we pay special attention to human rights issues particularly relevant to businesses, including diversity and non-discrimination, child labour, and employees’ rights to engaging and developing job opportunities. Our human rights policy, its underlying guidelines and our due diligence efforts are aligned with the guidance provided by the United Nations’ Guiding principles on Business and Human rights.
Download the Human Rights Policy:

Human Rights Policy

Consult our annual Sustainability Reports for more information on how we ensure respect of human and workers’ rights in our supply chain.

It is of utmost importance for Pandora to live up to our standards and address any breaches swiftly. Read more about and access our whistle-blower hotline here.

Annual Pandora transparency in supply chains statements

Read our 2018 Transparency in Supply Chains Statement to learn how we work to prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain in accordance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act and the UK Modern Slavery Act.

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