Our Lamphun facility Our Gemopolis facility


Pandora jewellery is made with care and attention to detail. The magic happens at our crafting facilities in Thailand, where we combine centuries-old crafting traditions and high-quality materials with modern production techniques.

Every piece is hand-finished by experienced and skilled craftspeople – and we can quickly upscale production of high-demand products when needed.

We employ a strict quality process during production and only source high-quality raw materials, taking into account sustainable sourcing, business ethics, cost and delivery time.

To meet ongoing demand throughout the year, our supply chain teams monitor sales and optimize our distribution to ensure products are in the right locations at the right time. We are able to make new jewellery, from design to final product, in four months.

Pandora employs more than 11,500 craftspeople at our two sites in Thailand. Thailand has a long tradition of jewellery craftsmanship and a pool of skilled craftspeople and many local suppliers of raw jewellery materials.  

Our new facilities in Lamphun (opened in 2017) and Gemopolis (opened in 2018) set new standards in the jewellery industry in terms of craft, scale, speed and environmental impact. The buildings have achieved LEED Gold certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and meets the highest sustainability standards.