Retail and sales

Consumers can find our jewellery at more than 6,700 points of sale in over 100 countries. Interacting with millions of people every day comes with a responsibility, and we ensure sustainable business practices in this part of our value chain through strong governance, policies, and practice.

Responsible Marketing

As a global company, we look closely at how we bring our jewellery to consumers in a responsible way. Our reach is significant, and in 2023, we registered around 750 million visits to our stores and online platforms.

Because we are present in approximately half the world’s countries, our customer base is highly diverse, and our opportunity to influence consumer perception is evident. As a brand, we must constantly evolve and change in step with the world around us, and communicate to our consumers thoughtfully and responsibly. We do so through robust standards, practices and governance. Learn more through our Responsible Marketing Standard.

Privacy and data protection

Our Privacy Policy determines the principles we apply when handling personal data from our consumers or employees. Pandora uses personal data only when we have a legitimate purpose for doing so. The data is used, stored, shared and protected in accordance with the relevant legal basis upon collecting the data, and in accordance with applicable privacy legislation.

Environmental footprint of our stores

We are on a journey to become a low-carbon business. Pandora’s operations emissions are driven by electricity consumption. We are constantly working to implement new energy-saving measures across our stores, offices, crafting facilities and distribution centres.

We encourage all store staff to sort waste and adhere to local disposal and recycling requirements. Whenever national law differs from our Environment Policy, Pandora employees must adhere to the stricter of the two. Learn more in our latest Sustainability Report.