Retail and sales

Consumers can find our jewellery at more than 6,800 points of sale in over 100 countries. Interacting with millions of people every day comes with a responsibility, and we ensure sustainable business practices in this part of our value chain through strong governance, policies, and practice.

Responsible marketing

All Pandora jewellery is marked with a hallmark indicating the type of metal core. A hallmark is one or a series of marks stamped into items made of precious metals to guarantee a certain purity, fineness and origin. Our product disclosure guide ensures uniform disclosure practices across all our products.

Pandora does not market its jewellery to children and we comply with relevant marketing and labelling regulations and voluntary codes.

Customer privacy and data protection

Pandora regularly handles personal data relating to customers. Personal data is only used for legitimate business purposes and is protected, used, stored and shared in accordance with the manner agreed upon collection and in accordance with applicable data protection laws. We offer relevant training and guidelines for our staff.

Environmental footprint of our stores

We encourage all store staff to sort waste and adhere to local disposal and recycling requirements. Our employees are required to participate environmental training and campaigns. Whenever national law differs from our Environment Policy, Pandora employees must adhere to the stricter of the two.