Our way of working

We’re a truly global business present in more than 100 countries and a team of over 33,000 employees across the world.

We’re a community that works together to make luxury jewellery affordable and accessible to many. Having colleagues across the world means collaborating across borders, and often over continents, sharing ideas and perspectives to get the best outcome for the business. We may be in different physical spaces, but we’re connected by our passion and strong sense of purpose. 

Global HQ in Copenhagen

Pandora’s headquarters is located right where our story begun, in central Copenhagen. From here, specialised departments work closely with our offices around the world to ensure that the global Pandora team works in unison towards our goals. 

Beyond Denmark

Our presence spans across the world through our local offices, stores, distribution and crafting facilities. There’s a focus on building a Digital Hub as well as on Sales, Marketing, Merchandising, Product, Finance, Supply Chain, HR and more to build and maintain a consistent brand presence in every location. 

Crafting in Thailand

Our manufacturing operation started in Thailand in 1989. 30 years later, with more than 11,000 team members, Pandora operates a number of crafting facilities and an innovation centre in Thailand. Every piece is hand-finished here by our skilled craftspeople using high-quality raw materials and sustainable methods.