Sustainability governance

Our sustainability governance structure ensures that our sustainability programme meets Pandora’s social and environmental ambitions and supports the business.

Sustainability Board

Pandora’s Sustainability Board, which reports to the Executive Leadership Team, oversees the corporate sustainability strategy, which is implemented by the Global Sustainability team.


The Sustainability Board, chaired by Pandora’s Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), executes on behalf of the ELT and comprises 11 senior leaders, including five from the ELT. Convening four times a year, the Sustainability Board is responsible for setting the strategy and integrating sustainability into business decisions within their respective functions.

Two subject-specific committees (the Responsible Sourcing Committee and the Responsible Marketing Committee, along with the CSRD Task Force) convene regularly and report to the Sustainability Board.

Responsible Sourcing Committee

The Responsible Sourcing Committee (RSC) advises on sustainability-related supply chain governance. This seven-member committee oversees the implementation of the Responsible Sourcing Policy and Programme, reviews and recommends approaches for the use of new materials, and advises on specific supplier relationships on a case-by-case basis. The RSC is co-chaired by the VP Supply Chain and VP Corporate Sustainability, meets twice a year and reports to the Sustainability Board.

Responsible Marketing Committee

Pandora’s Responsible Marketing Committee is responsible for updates to and implementation of the Responsible Marketing Standard. It is headed by a representative from the Marketing Leadership team and includes representatives from various functions within the business.

CSRD Task Force

Pandora’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) Task Force proactively manages the implementation of the CSRD requirements in Pandora. The CSRD Task Force sets the strategic direction for CSRD and acts on behalf of the Sustainability Board in day-to-day decisions. The CSRD Task Force is chaired by the Director for Sustainability Data, Assurance & Controlling and has representatives from all functions within the business.

Global Sustainability team

Pandora’s Global Sustainability team, led by the SVP Corporate Communications and Sustainability, manages the company’s global environmental, social and governance portfolio and is based at Pandora’s Global Office in Copenhagen. The team reports to the Chief Human Resources Officer, who is a member of the Executive Leadership Team.