Recycled silver and gold

Silver and gold are the most used precious metals in our jewellery and therefore the most impactful place to start our journey towards circularity. Since December 2023, we have been sourcing 100% recycled silver and gold for all our jewellery, which is well ahead of our 2025 target.

By sourcing recycled instead of newly-mined silver and gold, Pandora avoids around 58,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is similar to the emissions from the annual electricity use of 11,000 homes or driving 6,000 cars around the world.

To put this into further context, our sterling silver family tree charm has a carbon footprint of 0.23 kg, which is less than a latte and our 14k gold version of the same charm has a carbon footprint of 0.33 kg, which is less than a 100g milk chocolate bar. For further details on our carbon footprint assessment of these charms, read here.

To be able to source and trace our purchase and use of recycled silver and gold, we request that relevant suppliers are externally audited according to recognised Chain of Custody (CoC) standards. A CoC is a traceability-focused materials management system, helping both suppliers and Pandora document that the certified recycled silver and gold grains purchased are also the grains used in our crafting.