Risk management

At Pandora, we carefully identify, assess and manage potential risks to the company on an ongoing basis.

Our approach to risk management

Pandora proactively manages risk to support continued growth of our business and to protect our people, assets and reputation. As a global brand with a fully integrated value chain, some of the key risks facing Pandora are brand and product relevance and supply chain disruptions. Through our enterprise risk management programme, we actively work to identify, monitor and reduce risk to an acceptable risk level. We continuously monitor inherent risks that could impact our daily operations, as well as strategic risks that may impact Pandora’s competitive positioning, value creation and strategy. We see well-functioning risk management processes as key to maintaining and building Pandora’s position as the world’s largest jewellery brand. 

Pandora’s Chief Financial Officer heads up the company’s Risk Management Board, which consists of senior management representatives from across our value chain. All areas of our business report their most significant risks to Global Risk & Insurance, along with assessments of those risks and an overview of implemented mitigations and action plans. 

Our key risks

The Board of Directors reviews and discusses key risks that could threaten our business model or the future performance, solvency or liquidity of Pandora. The key risk groups and our mitigating activities are described in our Annual Report. It should be noted that the key risks do not represent all the risks associated with our business. Other risks not presently identified, or ones currently deemed to be less material, may also have an adverse effect on our business.