Risk management

Key risks are centered around brand relevance and brand access, the main focus areas in Programme NOW.

Pandora operates in a complex and changing retail business environment. Effective risk management is key to maintaining and building on our position as the world’s biggest jewellery brand.

Risk management governance
The Board of Directors regularly assesses the risks associated with Pandora’s business and operations and the company's risk framework and control systems, including the whistleblowing function. The Executive Leadership Team is responsible for risk management execution, and managers at all levels are responsible for identifying and managing risks related to their areas.

Risk management activities and status
The process of quantifying, assessing, executing and monitoring risks was strengthened in 2019 and will be further enhanced in 2020. Key elements of the risk and control agenda include timely involvement of management, dedicated resources to ensure adequate mitigating actions, and a continuous link between risk management and business strategy.

Key risks
During 2019, Pandora carried out risk analyses across the organisation. Risks are evaluated on the basis of impact and likelihood, and relevant mitigating actions are implemented to manage them.
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