Inclusion and diversity

Inclusivity and diversity are essential parts of the Pandora brand. Our strategy aims to secure an inclusive workplace for all employees, gender parity in leadership and reflect societal diversity in our customer engagement.

Pandora’s inclusion & diversity strategy is comprised of three focus areas, each with its own set of targets:


Pandora sets out to create an inclusive workplace and increase the share of underrepresented groups.

  • Our workforce will have a proportionate share of underrepresented groups in geographies that allow diversity data registering.
  • We will establish an industry-leading global parental leave programme.
  • We will introduce annual reporting for transparency on equal pay for equal work.
  • We aim to achieve >85% score on inclusivity in our employee listening survey.



  • We will have gender balance in all hiring and promotions into leadership at VP+ in order to achieve 1/3 women in leadership by 2025, and reach full gender parity* no later than 2030.
  • ESG targets will be added in the Long-Term Incentive Programme for leaders, just as we will have individual I&D targets for leaders commencing in 2022.
  • All hiring and succession shortlists for Directors and above to have at least 1/3 of underrepresented gender and a proportionate share of candidates from other underrepresented groups (for geographies that allow diversity data registering)*.

*Gender parity in leadership = equal no. of men and women in leadership positions from VP and up (incl. the Board of Directors) with +/- 5 pp variation, also allowing for people not identifying as female or male.


Our strategy also covers how we address our consumers, and reflect societal diversity in our global communications.

  • 30% of our brand ambassadors in our global communication to come from underrepresented groups by 2025.
  • 30% of our branding content budget to be spent with suppliers owned by women or other underrepresented groups by 2025.

Pandora bases all hiring, promoting and rewarding on merit, qualifications and behaviour only, and we do not accept discrimination. This is specified in our Inclusion and Diversity Policy and our Code of Conduct.